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Thank you Donna, Yes, we do appreciate all your efforts to keep us informed at all times(even in the middle of the night). I once received a cold call for shipping services and I asked the salesperson: Would you call me on Christmas Eve at 11pm to resolve a problem so that the shipment would not be delayed? All I got was silence. Scott

Donna, We use another factory in Shanghai to manufacture pads for us. They currently use a company called P E. I can’t stand their customer service any longer. I will be sending a message to my contact at XXX, A W. Please contact her to let her get to know you, or your counterpart in Shanghai.Thanks, Jason

An, I know I asked you before to consider using Ex and you said that working with them on your end was very difficult. P E is the so hard to work with on my end. We
have a new Freight Forwarder that we have had success with lately. I would like
you to start working with them on all future orders. I will copy Donna on this email so that she can give you the correct contact information on your side. T
hanks for understanding, Jason

Donna: Awesome job to everyone!!! Jeff

Donna, thank you. We appreciate your always being there and that is worth a lot to us. Regards, William

Donna, St with C P just called me and told me the good news that he will start using Bison to handle his inbound products from China. Thank you, Jason

Dear Donna, A thousand thanks. Ls really appreciate your help, as do I. He is a dear friend and the most determined person you’ll ever meet. Brenda

Dear Donna, Thanks for your good service. Jonathan

Ry: I wanted to let you know that Donna at Bison is a strong freight forwarder and most of our clients have switched to them due to their great service. Chad

Iv: I wanted to introduce you to Donna at Bison. They are a great freight forwarder. I know you have probably heard about them from Lisa and Steve, but wanted to make the introduction. Chad

Donna: I wanted to thank you for your excellent service! I was on a phone call with C P yesterday, and La said that they were very impressed. I know that Ja is also very happy with your service! Thanks for all you do! Best regards, Chad